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'Just when he thought it was safe to' face middle-age, Sidney found out that he could now take Sanatogen 50+ - to supplement the Folacin he was now taking to 'Fortify the Over-Forties'. Worse than that, he also discovered that he was eligible for SAGA 50+ insurance.

There was 'middle-aged spread' with which to battle - this was the mysterious growth which appeared around the stomach, without any warning. It wasn't invited through over-eating, or a penchant for sticky buns. He was determined to 'fight the flab' - a task not make easy by the fact that he was in a wheelchair. Nevertheless he hoped to win this encounter too.

It is said that 'the young look forward, the old look back and the middle-aged look anxious.' Sidney did NOT adhere to this view - he was much too optimistic. You must remember that his motto was 'Constant change is here to stay'. This meant that there was much in Life to which look forward - it was by no means exclusively a young person's domain. As his mother often said,

'I like having projects!' Sidney followed in her footsteps - he always had things to do. Whether it was an email to write, correspondence to catch up on or long-term plans to update the website.

'You're as young as you feel,' according to the old saying. Well, if that's true, then it must also be said that 'you're as old as you feel!' Sidney looked ruefully at the two badges left over from the celebration of him reaching the BIG 4-0. One read '40 - thank you for not laughing!'; the other proclaimed '40 is fine when you look 29'. He might just have got away with it then, but not now.

Sidney was waiting for his mid-life crisis. Would it take the form of a crush on young women or the desire to own and drive fast cars? It would be neither - since his Christian faith disallowed the first, and his disability precluded the last. Anyway, Sidney didn't feel the need to fulfil himself in any outward show, for he was entirely content on being his own God-given character to worry about showing-off to anyone about anything.

That, if nothing else, is one lesson Sidney had learnt over the past fifty years.

Written by Peter Gow
September 2002

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