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As the first daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops begin to peep up bravely into the frosty air, the inevitability of yet another season looms ominously forward. Sidney loved the Spring, with all the freshness and hope that new life brings, but this soon gives way to Summer. Before long, though, it will be Spring again.

Not that Sidney minded the seasonal changes of Britain - he should be used to them. However they demonstrated the fact that Time never stops; just as predictably as night follows day. It was awesome.

Such is the nature of Life (and of course Death). 'That's a gloomy way of thinking,' said Sidney to himself. Then he remembered his favourite quote: 'Constant change is here to stay.' This was true to all of the statements above. He found this a great comfort, for indeed all changes - whether they were seasonal, as dramatic as from life to death, or whether they were far more mundane and ordinary - all could be viewed from a light-hearted approach. All changes could take on a humorous element.

This was to Sidney what the apple was to Isaac Newton - a revelation. How could he contain his excitement? Was this not the answer to all those niggling changes that he or his friends and relatives encountered every day? For example, when the bus was late again; when the physio was cancelled again; when the electrician /plumber /wheelchair mechanic has promised to do that job, but fails to turn up - the list is endless!

Constant change is here to stay - that's it. Laugh it off.

Written by Peter Gow
February 2002

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